Who We Are ?

APCS365 is a full-service commercial cleaning company that is leading the industry in providing a variety of commercial cleaning services nationwide. Our proven and effective cleaning solutions have been implemented in thousands of locations across 27 states. Unlike many of our competitors, we believe in employing our own staff rather than seeking contractors. This allows us to standardize processes through rigorous training, ultimately resulting in the highest level of quality control and excellent service.  We are proud of being a women-owned company.

The mission of APCS365 is to provide high quality services that meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Beyond great service, another key part of what makes us different is something we call service excellence.  And it’s also about striking the perfect balance between doing something well over and over again and being responsive enough to the changing needs of clients and customers.

  • A single point of contact
  • Consolidated billing
  • Streamlined service requests & reporting
  • Pricing Advantages
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Measurable results
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Trained and supervised in-house staff
A Single Point of Contact.

Unlike some companies, with ALL PRO, there’s a single toll- free number to call for service requests throughout the U.S, assigned email addresses for each individual location reaching the entire All Pro operations team 24/7

Consolidated Billing.

Electronic billing as well as itemized invoices per service location, when requested, make for seamless processing.

Streamlined Service Requests & Reporting.

Get immediate response to your needs through our 24-hour call center and/or email addresses. We are a 24/7, 365 Day Operation

Pricing Advantages.

Enjoy the major cost benefits and economy of scale inherent in dealing with a single vendor for all of your facilities services.

Dedicated Account Manager.

ALL PRO account managers always keep you informed of operations at your facilities. They also ensure that standardization programs are in place, that all contract terms and conditions are being met, and that facility issues are being resolved as they arise.

Measurable Results.

By the ever-increasing number of satisfied clients. Our growth goals leave little room for losing clients; each client is precious. Our clients need us only if we provide them with efficient and responsive services and products.

Preventative Maintenance.

We strive to be proactive in identifying and fixing potential problems. Preventive maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, prolong the life of your equipment. Complimentary reporting demonstrates the merit of this value-added service.

Video About Our Company


Marina Kohen, Co-Founder and CEO

Our History

APCS365 has more than 40 years of combines experience in the cleaning industry and we are constantly evolving and improving our services. We are rapidly growing across multiple state lines and industries with a large number of new contracts gained through personal recommendation and client endorsement.


APCS365 expands its operations to 27 states.


APCS365 makes the switch to hiring only W-2 employees to ensure a reliable and accountable team.


The APCS365 team reaches 40 of combined experience in successfully providing a variety of cleaning services across all industries.

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